Tom Foote



For the first time in his life, Robert Ryder doesn't have orders. He has just buried his son Mark; his career in the French Foreign Legion is finished. Unable to settle into civilian life, he drifts to Thailand, where he learns of a man on death row for dealing with the same drug lords responsible for Mark's deadly overdose. However, the smugglers find Ryder before he can find them. Kidnapped to Burma, Ryder escapes and realizes his mission. Facing the reality of a growing drug culture and the greed that fuels it, Ryder aims to make peace with his past by exacting retribution in the best way he knows. With the vengeance of a father wronged and the precise brutality of a Foreign Legionnaire, Ryder infiltrates the organization. But the deeper he goes, the more familiar the faces become.

In the tradition of Clive Cussler and Jack Higgins, a suspenseful maritime thriller from a new Irish writer.

Rammed and sunk by a mysterious merchant ship off the West coast of Ireland, Jim Prendergast survives the sinking of his yacht, Larinita, but his wife and daughter are drowned. The tragedy comes to the attention of Jonathan Cooke, a shadowy figure in the British Embassy in Dublin, who suspects that the merchant ship was transporting weapons for a maverick IRA unit who are planning to derail the peace talks with one final act of terror. Manipulated by MI6, Prendergast is dragged unwittingly into a world of intrigue that indirectly leads him to the man responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter until he is finally able to reap his revenge in a violent and bloody confrontation on the high seas.